Central Food Distribution Services

Central, Louisiana


Click to print an application.  Application must be filled out completely and legibly.  All required documents must accompany food bank application

You may email completed application and documents in (pdf format please) to cityofcentralfoodbank@gmail.com 

Q - What do I need to apply for assistance with the City of Central Food Bank?  


This will make the application process much faster.

A - 

  1. You must live in the City of Central
  2. Provide a photo ID
  3. Provide proof of residency for ALL household members
  4. Provide proof of ALL income for entire household 
  5. Provide documentation that school-age children are attending a City of Central school.
  6. To receive baby item assistance, you must provide a birth certificate for each child 0-4 years of age
  7. Provide Social Security Numbers and birth dates for all household members
  8. If you are a legal garden for a child or children, you must provide documentation
  9. If you receive or pay child support, you must provide documentation
  10. If you receive or pay spousal support, you must provide documentation

If you are approved for assistance, and at any time anything changes you must notify the City of Central Food Bank immediately in writing to these changes.

Q - What happens after I apply?

A - 

  1. When approved, you will receive a letter in the mail. This letter will have your assigned week of pick up and what size assistance you have been approved to receive. The amount you receive is determined by the size of your household.  If you applied for baby items, it will indicate that as well.
  2. If more documents are needed, you will receive a letter in the mail specifying what documents are required. Once you receive this request, you may bring the documents to the food bank or email them to cityofcentralfoodbank@gmail.com
  3. When approved you will receive a Food Bank ID card. This ID is only for the authorized client to use. No one else can use your Food Bank ID. 
  4. You must provide your Food Bank ID each time you receive your monthly assistance.
  5. If you are unable to pick up your assistance yourself, you can write a letter permitting someone else to pick up on your behalf. You will only be allowed to do this once. This will not be allowed to be an ongoing practice.
  6. If you are disabled and require home delivery, you must request this in writing.
  7. Please keep your contact information current. For special distribution dates, we may need to contact you.
  8. Always pay attention to notices on the client bulletin board in the lobby of the food bank for the upcoming food bank events and special pick updates and other important announcements or follow us on Facebook or Twitter
  9. Please do not arrive late. The food bank closes promptly at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Q - What happens if I don't have all of the required documents at the time I apply?
A - If you do not have all of your required documents at the time you apply, you will receive a "Welcome Bag" of food.  Not supplying the appropriate documentation at the time you apply will make the application process timelier.